KWB ‘Comfort 3’ control system

The intuitive and convenient KWB Comfort 3 control system is used to operate many of the KWB biomass heating systems. It is simple to use and understand. Scroll down for more detail…




The Comfort 3 is simple to operate and user-friendly. All changes to settings are made using just 2 buttons and one dial.

The graphic display screen is easy to read - it is clear and generously-sized. The user menu is logically structured, making it simple to adjust all the setting for your heating circuits, buffer tanks and domestic hot water coils.

It is also available with a remote control unit.

Optional extras include:

KWB Comfort SMS

  • Operate and monitor your heating system via your mobile phone - you can use your phone to look at the current settings on your system, and to control it remotely (e.g. to switch it on/off, or to operate a holiday programme while you are away).

KWB Comfort Visio

  • Operate and monitor your heating system via your desktop computer - you can use your computer to control your heating system remotely
  • The Visio programme automatically adapts to the heating system – just switch it on, and it is ready to go
  • It includes comprehensive data recording and evaluation options

KWB Comfort InterCom

  • Enables data exchange with external systems
  • Ideal for higher-level control and visualisation systems, and for building automated systems
  • All parameters of the heating system operation can be read out
  • Data can be exchanged via serial connection, network connection or analogue modem connection