Sustaburn is now a Regional Partner of KWB, representing the North of England.

KWB UK has a successful history of installing quality biomass boilers across the the UK. This is an exciting partnership, which will see us going from strength to strength together. Through this, we are able to increase the scope of what we can offer - a larger range of boiler types, using a range of fuels (wood chip and logs as well as pellets). We are now able to design and install top quality, reliable and easy-to-use heating systems for a huge range of situations - from small domestic settings to large multi-building complexes. For more information about KWB, click here.

We are also the UK Distributor for Ravelli wood pellet stoves.

Ravelli is one of the market-leaders in quality pellet stoves. We are excited to be able to bring their unique designs to the UK. Ravelli stoves can be used to heat single rooms, multi-rooms, for cooking and even for hot water heating. They combine the convenience of pellets with the comfort of a traditional wood burning stove, with the elegance and style of Italian design. For more information about Ravelli's stoves, click here.

The benefits to you:

A strong partnership between us and the manufacturers means that you can be assured of continuing support for years to come. You will enjoy the benefits of direct access to advice, upgrades and parts, straight from the manufacturers themselves. KWB and Ravelli provide the top-quality products...

...and we at Sustaburn give you the friendly, personally-tailored, professional and honest service our customers say is second to none.


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