Why choose biomass?

‘I’m off the mains gas grid’
It is a great fuel choice for people living in rural areas, who are off-grid for mains gas. It is efficient, reliable and heats up quickly.

‘I care for the environment’
It is a ‘greener’ option than other off-grid fuels – it is virtually carbon-neutral

‘I support my local area’
Wood is sustainable and locally-sourced, supporting the local economy

‘I'm worried about global fuel supplies’
Switching to home-grown wood fuel means no more reliance on the volatile world-market prices of fossil fuels, and no worries about international crises affecting fuel supplies

‘I want to future-proof my heating system’
Wood fuel is from a renewable source, and so it will be there for future generations - unlike oil, coal, gas and uranium. Our biomass boilers are reliable and long-lasting, providing efficient heat for years to come.

Thanks to the Energy Saving Trust , who have kindly allowed us to link to their site and use their information for reference. The Energy Saving Trust do not endorse particular products or companies.