KWB Classicfire log wood heating system

The KWB Classicfire combines the benefits of traditional wood heating with the convenience of modern heating systems. It is ideal for people who want to use split logs to heat their homes. Scroll down for more information…




At 18 / 28 kW, it is suitable for most homes, as well as agricultural and commercial settings.

The Classicfire burn logs of up to 55cm long - and it can even burn coarse wood chips.  A 185 litre fuel storage container ensures long intervals between refills.

A lambda sensor ensures high combustion quality and very low emissions. A combination of the KWB Classicfire and a KWB buffer tank or stratified storage tank is ideal because it optimises utilisation of the heat generated.

Heat is produced quickly by the KWB quick charge valve. Individually configurable ignition times mean that you can have heat at times to suit you.

The Classicfire comes with the highly-programmable and easy-to-use 'Comfort 4' control panel. It has a touch-screen display, a tried-and-tested control dial, and can even be controlled remotely. You can log in to your boiler online, allowing you to control and monitor your heating system with greater flexibility than ever before.

The ash container is easy to empty and keep clean.

Optional features include:

  • automatic ignition
  • upgrade to a combi boiler - using the pellet flange (up to 15 years later - thanks to the KWB upgrade guarantee!)
  • automatic heat exchanger cleaning

KWB Classicfire brochure (PDF)