KWB Powerfire – wood chips / pellets

Our power package is one of the most compact heating systems in the 150 to 300 kW power range. The KWB Powerfire can be fired with wood chips or pellets and is perfectly suited for supplying regional district heating networks and larger buildings and systems (contracting). Scroll down for more information…




The Powerfire has a range of  150, 200, 240, or 300 kW. It is suitable for very large buildings, groups of buildings, and district heating networks. In this size of system, the payback period is particularly short. This means that the KWB Powerfire has the potential to be leased.

The "Energie Genie" (Energy Genius) and "Energy Globe Award" innovation prizes are proof of the high product quality of the KWB Powerfire.

Some of the features of the Powerfire are:

  • Compact rotary-grate combustion system
  • Cyclone combustion chamber for minimum emissions
  • Convenient 240-litre ash container
  • Extendible substructure
  • Full 10-year guarantee
  • Long service life and high resistance to wear of the screw, thanks to the stainless steel spirals
  • Maintenance-free, double-sealed heavy-duty gear
  • Low electricity consumption 
  • Optimal fuel transport to the heating system

The Powerfire needs to be carefully planned for each setting and situation. It is a powerful system, capable of heating huge areas.