KWB PelletfirePLUS – Wood Pellet Heating System

KWB PelletfirePlus is a robust pellet heating system for economical larger-scale heating. The large power range of 45 to 135 kW, combined with highest flue flexibility, makes it possible to install the new KWB PelletfirePlus pellet heating system in larger buildings, commercial facilities, industry, and even smaller district heating networks. Scroll down for more information…




The PelletfirePLUS is a robust pellet heating system for economical heating on a large scale. Its size is deceptive - despite its small footprint, it is capable of providing heat for large buildings, commercial and industrial settings, and smaller district heating networks. Its power range is 45 to 135 kW.

Some of the features of the PelletfirePLUS include:

  • CFD-optimised silicon-carbide combustion chamber
  • CFD-optimised nozzle geometry and arrangement
  • High efficiency combustion
  • Clean combustion Crawler burner
  • Automatic ash removal

The PelletfirePLUS comes with the easy-to-use 'Comfort 3' control panel, making it simple to operate. It is a 2-button control unit, with a simple dial and an intuitive graphic display.

The crawler-burner enables the system to use fuels of varying quality, maintaining efficiency.

It has very low emissions, and has a fully self-cleaning system within.


KWB Pelletfire brochure (PDF)