KWB Easyfire 2 – Wood Pellet Heating System

The KWB Easyfire wood pellet heating system is a step up from the entry-level Easyfire 1. With more features, a smaller footprint, and a more advanced, touch-screen controller, it will suit all domestic settings and many larger projects as well. Scroll down for more information…




The Easyfire 2

The Easyfire (AKA Easyfire 2) is an upgraded, sleeker, smaller and more customisable pellet boiler than its entry-level sister, the Easyfire 1. It is suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • small, medium and large homes
  • farms and agricultural
  • larger buildings, such as schools
  • commercial or industrial premises.

The KWB Easyfire wood pellet heating systems are among Europe’s best-selling wood pellet heating systems. They are among the cleanest wood pellet heating systems in the world.

The unique under-feed combustion system, invented by KWB, ensures a smooth combustion process with ultra-low emissions. KWB's 'cleanEfficiency' technology sets a new benchmark for easy, low emission heating. The Easyfire 2 features the new lambda-controlled combustion system, with a highly efficient heat exchange using turbulators and an integrated return flow temperature boost.

It is available in a large range of sizes, from 2.4 kW all the way up to 35 kW. 

The boiler has a footprint of just 0.75m², enabling it to fit easily into most boiler rooms or utility spaces.

There are many different fully-automated methods of refuelling available with the Easyfire 2, so you can choose one to suit your own situation and preferences. The customisable solutions include:

  • 'Big Bag' pellet storage, with either a suction conveyor or an elbow screw to take the fuel into the boiler
  • The 'Pellet Stirrer Plus', which maximises storage space in the pellet room (this can also be fitted with either a suction conveyor or an elbow screw)
  • a Conveyor Screw (fitted with either suction or elbow screw)
  • The 'Pellet Box' option, with suction conveyor
  • a simple small-bag storage container
  • KWB Sample Probes, with suction conveyor can see examples of all of these, further down the page: see ''fuel storage examples' below

The Easyfire 2 comes with the highly-programmable and easy-to-use 'Comfort 4' control panel. It has a touch-screen display, a tried-and-tested control dial, and can even be controlled remotely. You can log in to your boiler online, allowing you to remotely control and monitor your heating system with greater flexibility than ever before.

Its power consumption is very low – it has an energy-efficient drive motor, which uses very little power.

The Easyfire 2's automatic heat exchanger cleaning eliminates the need for cleaning between services.

Emptying the convenient movable ash container is easy and comfortable – and you may be surprised at how little ash is produced!

KWB Easyfire 2 Brochure (PDF)