KWB Easyfire 1 – Wood Pellet Heating System

The Easyfire 1 is our entry-level pellet boiler, and is suitable for most domestic settings. Scroll down for more information…




KWB Easyfire 1 - Wood Pellet Heating System

The Easyfire 1 is our entry-level wood pellet boiler. It has all the reliability and efficiency you would expect from a KWB boiler, without some of the additional features available on other models. It is suitable for most domestic settings.

At is core is the unique KWB burner system, with a cast underfeed burner and a large stainless steel burner plate. This ensures a stable fuel bed and smooth, clean combustion with low emissions. The burner system has proven reliability – over 40,000 customers have experienced its excellent performance.

It has a 200 litre pellet storage container at a convenient height, which is quick and easy to refuel. A refill alert on the system’s display in the home will indicate when it is time to add more pellets. Because it is at a convenient height, it is very easy to re-fill.

It is available in sizes of 10, 15 and 20 kW, enough for heating and hot water in most homes.

It has a footprint of 0.75 x 1.14m, enabling it to fit easily into most boiler rooms or utility spaces.

Thanks to the efficient combustion, emptying the convenient movable ash container is easy and comfortable – and you may be surprised at how little ash is produced!

The Easyfire 1 comes with the easy-to-use 'Comfort 3' control panel, making it simple to operate. It is a 2-button control unit, with a simple dial and an intuitive graphic display.

The KWB Easyfire wood pellet heating systems, with cleanEfficiency technology, are among Europe’s best-selling wood pellet heating systems. They are among the cleanest wood pellet heating systems in the world.

Its power consumption is very low – it has an energy-efficient drive motor, which uses very little power.

Optional extras:

  • Automatic fuel filling, through the addition of a conveyor and suction system (this can be retro-fitted at any time)
  • Easier cleaning of the heat exchanger, with the addition of an automatic cleaning system (the heat exchanger on the basic model is cleaned through a semi-automatic system, operated by a pulling mechanism).
  • Automatic burner plate, with the addition of the KWB Easyflex – ensuring reliability even when using pellets of variable quality
  • Ash compaction, which extends the time between needing to empty the ash container

To download the brochure, click here: KWB Easyfire 1 brochure (PDF)